The most difficult part of our business is locating high quality examples of the Mercedes marque, and so I was delighted when we were offered this superb example. Barely a five minute viewing was needed before I agreed the purchase from the owner, such was the condition and history, which included no less than 11 services.

I was equally pleased later that day when we received a telephone enquiry from a gentleman in Keswick, specifically looking for an r129 with his main criteria being that it had to be a 32 valve 5speed varient in totally original condition. His appointment was made for the following day and almost as quickly as I struck a deal with the owner, this chap struck a deal with me.

The Easy Part of this story was getting the car ready for collection later in the week, as it really didnt need anything other than our normal pre-delivery inspection.

The Hard Part starts now in terms of trying to find another one as good as this!