It is everyone’s dream to be able to earn a living doing something they love, and that is exactly what happened almost by accident for me, after selling my car leasing business in 2007. I indulged my passion for Mercedes cars with the purchase of an E320 Cabriolet and a 280CE Coupe with the initial business idea was to set up a “hobby business”, buying then restoring and enjoying before selling on, focusing on Mercedes Coupes and Cabriolets.

However, with hard work and a reasonable degree of good fortune, the idea has grown into what you can see on the website today, a collection high quality cars from an era that was seen as the highpoint for quality and durability for Mercedes-Benz. The cars we supply are cars to be driven not stored in a climate controlled garages, they can be, and are often used, everyday; providing years of enjoyable reliable and stylish motoring.

One of the better looking convoys on the M6!

With just 24500 miles on the r107, and 18500 on the r129, there was no way these two cars were going to be driven to their new homes. Going to separate collectors, they were both transported using our new facility of door to door delivery for just £1.20 per mile anywhere in mainland UK. We…

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Just a few months ago

Just a few months ago we told the story of Brian and Maureen George, who having never driven an automatic, bought an SL500 from us (5th article on this page) Well, they liked the car so much they have come back for another SL500, a superb 47000 mile example in Azurite with Java Leather. Who…

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Easter open weekend

Our Easter open weekend witnessed a great turn out from enthusiasts who had travelled far and wide to visit our new premises. The final word belonged to the Lancashire region who arrived in numbers on the Tuesday evening as part of their monthly meeting. It was extremely encouraging to receive so much positive feedback from…

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It is everyone`s dream to be able to earn a living doing something they love, and that is exactly what happened almost by accident for me. After selling my leasing business in 2008, I indulged my passion for Mercedes with the purchase of an e320 Cabriolet,a CL420 and a 280CE. Focusing on Coupes and Cabriolets,…

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From one Mercedes Enthusiast to another!

“I was totally  happy with the W124 230E bought from Coupe and Cabriolet. A rare car at 28000 miles and as  mint as it was described on their website. I have been a fanatic of the W124 for 20 years and this car was the best I have ever seen. I drove home from Preston…

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Mille Miglia

In May 2015, we drove to the Mille Miglia in Italy where Mercedes had a very impressive showing with more Gullwings in one place than we had ever seen before. I doubt we will ever see so many pristine examples in one place ever again. Definitely a trip we will repeat as often as time allows!

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The Mdina Classic

In October 2015, we went to the Mdina classic grand prix in Malta for pre 1974 cars which was a very back to basics and relaxed affair. The fairly standard Mercedes 114 coupe you can see here acquitted itself very well with some extremely spirited driving. The search is now on to find a car that…

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Pebble Beach Concour D`elegance

The perfect picnic spot, even though it isn’t a Mercedes!! In August we went to the Pebble Beach Concourse d’Elegance in California where some of the best (and most expensive) cars in the world were on show. A fabulous Alfa Romeo caught our eye, but we can all dream. The Alfa Romeo is a 1938…

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